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Tooth whitening or dental bleaching is the procedure of darkening the shade of the teeth. Dental whitening can be done by either removing the surface stains or changing the underlying natural color of the tooth. Teeth are basically made up of the visible dentin and the root. The dentin is the hard outer layer, while the root is the soft fleshy part of the teeth that contains the nutrients that we need to keep our teeth healthy. These two parts of the teeth are generally white in color, but after years of eating unhealthy food, teeth may tend to turn yellow or brown in color. Visit this site to get great dental care solutions.
There are various home remedies to whiten the teeth at home, but if you want a professional whitening procedure, you can rely on the professional whitening gel. These gels contain hydrogen peroxide and a special solution that keep the teeth sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. They are applied right at the dental office. There are several types of teeth whitening gel, and your dentist will suggest the one that works best with your teeth.
Professional bleaching can be performed by the dentist, dental hygienist, or a qualified technician. Most teeth whitening treatments work on the same principles, using similar methods of bleaching. One major difference between dental bleaches and home whiteners is that dental bleaches use a gel that includes active ingredients, whereas home whiteners generally use plain hydrogen peroxide. Another difference is that dental bleaches can be used on teeth for up to three months, whereas whiteners can only be used for a few hours per month. Professional whitening toothpastes can last up to six months. Consider visiting  Katy Gentle Dentists to get great teeth whitening services.
Before a dental procedure can be completed, two procedures must first be completed. First, a temporary tooth paste will need to be applied to the teeth to remove any bacteria, tartar, or stains. Then the whitening cream will need to be applied. This product is typically made with stronger peroxide concentrations to give the best results possible. It can take from one hour to one week for a noticeable improvement in the teeth's appearance to appear. If the whitening cream is not applied properly or is not applied at all, then there is a chance that the whitening gel will not work properly either.
Whitening trays are another method dentists use to brighten teeth. Whitening trays can either be custom-made or purchased at most drugstores and discount retailers. Dentists usually place whitening trays over the teeth for an hour or more, then they cover them up with a small plastic shield to keep the whitening agent from coming into contact with the surrounding teeth. The whitening agents are normally left on the teeth for up to four hours, depending on the severity of the stains or discoloration. 
If you have teeth that do not respond well to bleaching products, then your dentist may suggest a more drastic option. Dentists can perform a dental root canal. In a root canal, the nerves and pulp inside the gums are removed to reduce the pain that patients experience as well as to stop the infection from spreading. After the infection is stopped, the gums will appear whiter than they did prior to the procedure. If you are interested in having a dental procedure performed, it is important that you first schedule an appointment so that you can find out if you would prefer to use over-the-counter products, or if you would prefer to go with a dental procedure.
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